Baby Nappy Safety Pins

Shuen Fuh manufactures a wide range of safety baby nappy pins from durable raw materials. The factory is equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment to develop and manufacture high quality nappy pins products in various colors and styles for your applications, which is ideal for basting quilts, sewing, diaper and jewelry. To ensure gaining optimum customer satisfaction, we provide customized diaper pins to all urgent needs. If you would like to learn more details about our lovely pins details, please browse the following categories and feel free to inquire.
  • SS-01 Baby Diaper Safety Pin
  • SS-08 Nappy Pin (Double Lock)
  • SS-08A Nappy Pin (Double Lock)
  • SS-09 Diaper Pin (45mm)
  • SS-10 Nappy Pin (54mm)
  • SS-10A Nappy Pin
  • SS-10F Nappy Pin
  • SS-11 Nappy Pin
  • SS-12 Nappy Pin (37mm)
  • SS-13 Nappy Pin
  • SS-14 Diaper Pin
  • SS-15 Nappy Pin
  • SS-16 Diaper Pin
  • SS-17 Diaper Pin
  • SS-18 Diaper Pin
  • SS-19 Diaper Pin
  • SS-20 Diaper Pin (63mm)
  • SS-21 Diaper Pin (63mm)
  • SS-22 Diaper Pin (50mm)
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